Oct 15, 2007

It's Time

For a long, long time I resisted the temptation of setting up another blog space other than my previous one in friendster. The first generation friendster blog has more than 110 posts now and it's always a comfort to review them whenever I feel reminiscent of the old days. The other great (and sometimes annoying) feature about friendster is whenever you update your blog they'll send messages to everyone in your friend list blasting about the update. It's always a pleasure to get noticed.
Nevertheless, the time has come to move forward. I was complaining on how few the comments on friendster had been, and that's when my roommate commented "who'd post comments on your blog? They'll have to sign up for friendster first and wind their way to your blog."
All right, I blog for comments and glory, I'd like to see my blog burst with comments and CNN reports on 'JYSim for Jobless-Yokel Sim' or now 'Randomly JYSim'. I'm an attention-seeker in the virtual world. So, it's time to switch.
Welcome to 'Randomly JYSim'!


Hew Yaohua said...

since you like fame and glory, i am here to give you a hand. That's it.

Lin said...



TSAN said...

a good change,I'll burst your blog

lalalim said...

wow, a new blog!

Anonymous said...

glad to see yr new blog! keep it up!

Anonymous said...