Feb 20, 2008

A Little While Longer

I wished the good times lasted a little while longer;
and the bad flow quickly by
resisting the pain and ignoring the damage,
'ere we witness the passing of time.

'Tis tree shudders,
the air thickens;
fog came rolling in
to dampen the saddened traveler.
'Ere we wished clocks
have fast forward and rewind buttons -
extend the good times;
hasten the bad.

Everything a little while longer - nothing eternal
seconds ticking, fatigue overpowering, time closes in.
Ambivalent on calling help -
shouting for assistance, gulping in water for the shout;
and your starching a scar
on the crumbling society.

Fly, fly, let time fly
and everything be fine - health, knowledge, happiness
And please make the summer days
full of adventure and uniting laughter
a little while longer.