Mar 29, 2008

Fragments on Friday

Today is somewhat special, though in what ways I cannot specifically describe. Special is just in the air today - I felt particularly at peace, and also immeasurably tired. The fatigue caused by a cascade of events which is probably part of my fault as well, and the peace being the first out of 4 MCB (Molecular Cell Biology) exam is over.
I was crudely woken by my roommate, who think burning the midnight oil is a privilege on exam-eve. And it's not even a major exam, not yet. I grunted, rather annoyingly, and went on capsizing in bed. Crudely woken up for the second time less than 6 hours later, this time by my Nokia reminding me to book my train tickets two weeks later to attend my SCOPE National Meeting (NM) half way across Taiwan. Being barbaric, as with all other train commuters, I booked altogether 6 tickets to Taipei and Taichung respectively (the system allows for up to 6 holdings per individual). I was to know about the venue of the NM 15 hours later. It was at Taichung, a nightmarish 5 hour train ride away. And the date? On the weekend before my mid-terms.
At 9 I had Americano, hoping caffeine would fuel my sleep-deprived brain for my exams today. I usually take Cappuccino, but Special in the air today tempted me to tried for the former, which was a big mistake. Americano is much bitter in taste, and with no milk, it is literally drinking drain water. A few minutes later I was at the atrium doing more MCB. It took me two minutes this semester to decide I hate MCB - so much so for the name, the content itself is a massive, redundant and unnecessary torture. Where would things like 'long interspersed repeats' (some gene composition), 'open reading frames' (a continuous 100 codon region with no introns in between; forget about it if you have never seen the aforementioned terms before) fit into the job description of a doctor? MCB, in other words, is much so of a test of the medical student's memory, and regurgitating methods (on the answer sheet that is).
So, less than 2 hours later I regurgitated into my exam sheet. My answer dotted with terms requiring more definition, and examples requiring more examples to make clear. I wrote for 2 hours nonstop. That would be a tremendous success if I were to be a writer. From being enemies with Exams, I think I have came forward to ally with it, though Exams still induce diarrhea and restlessness in me from time to time. Instead of falling for Exams, I'm falling into exams, a never-ending spiral.
After collection of the exam papers and flabbergasting with the difficulty of the exams with my teacher, I set off to the hospital. Bullied and cheated into helping our exchange students to process their leaving paperwork. My partner in this job simply ignoring this matter and many more altogether, and turning a blind eye and deaf ear whenever a new job arrives. The time for anger and frustration is over as I am too easily fatigued by all the ignorance. I am to do what I am capable for the time being and balance myself again in between work, and more work.
Of course I ran into a lot of seniors in the hospital. The senior greeting and explaining that I'm not here to lecture them on MCB but to be cheap labor of the school is fun, especially to easily-surprised seniors. And I got compliments for being more good looking compared to last semester.

The Caressing of Oceans from 'Les Choristes'

Doing nothing in compensating for studying time of the previous week, I watched 'Les Choristes' up till a few moments ago. Children's choir always have much more market value than conventional choirs, since their voice is often regarded as 'pure', 'clean' and 'beautiful'; unlike adults which are 'matured' and 'complex'. Loved the choir and the spirit of singing, but not so much of the storyboard.
Les Choristes makes a good movie for choirs - togetherness, coherence, and harmony. And that's why I liked the choir too - the sense of being viewed as a whole.
An empty but busy weekend coming up. I must try to be invisible in order to avoid more work flowing into my uncapable hands.