Apr 6, 2008

Being Kaypoh

Less words, more pictures.
My roommate's ex-classmate came for a visit last weekend. Me, being kaypoh, joined them in their tour around Hualien. Rainy day, so pictures are not cutting-edge, but it's a wonderful day to view the Pacific Ocean.

We started off with a visit to Jian Qing Primary School, where the Miharasi project is running. Simply put my roommate just wanted to show off how those little children liked him after spending a fraction of his winter holiday with them.

Ice cream at GuangFu. The oh-so-common vanilla and chocolate.

(From left) A junior, my roommate's ex-classmate, my roommate, my classmate. With the Ice Cream gorilla at GuangFu.

When Taiwanese tells you how backwater Hualien is, they mean these sceneries all the way to and beyond Hualien.
Then to New Zealand. Wallah. Cows at RueiSuei Dairy Farm. They look nice, but smell not.

I never got my latitudes and longitudes right. This is the mark of Tropic of Cancer - the line separating earth into Upper Northern Hemisphere and Lower Northern Hemisphere.

The Pacific Ocean and Me.

The Tai-9 Highway bordering the steep landscape and the sea. Misty last Sunday.

Another view of the ocean from Huting National Seafront. The sand is exactly those we use for mosaic floors. The patch on the ground? Cow manure.

Back home. And I hate to mention the word - study. Looks quite messy, but compare others and you'd appreciate how little possessions I have. Computer table to the right.


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