Jun 17, 2008

Coming Real Soon...

Monday: Finals for 'Overview of Human Structures'
Tuesday: Finals for Molecular Cell Biology - royally screwed this one up

Wednesday (tomorrow): Epidemiology (only read 30%), Health Communication (untouched)
Thursday: General Psychology
Friday: Announcement of groupings for Gross Anatomy Dissection next semester
Saturday: Moving out of current room, moving into new room one level above.
Sunday: Packing for Taipei and France

next Monday: Leave for Taipei at 1430 - can't wait to leave
next Tuesday to Sunday: Taipei mollycoddling
-somewhere in between, hopefully-: Pay a visit to my Silent Mentor (person who donated his / her body for dissection in Gross Anatomy)
Monday 6/30: Leave Taipei for Paris! With a 12-hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur. Would be meeting my aunt and cousin, who'd bring me makan-makan in downtown KL.

Just can't wait to get through the pile of exams and labors to go to gay Paris!


dearning said...

Me too!
Can't wait to visit Europe!!


Bon Voyage!!