Jun 22, 2008

Eat And Sleep

So the exams are over. Every end-of term is to be celebrated and grieved - last year we went to the highest peak of Hualien to watch Hualien by night. This year a totally different experience, though a little unadventurous.

LaoShao Dumplings. Pardon me for being a geek, though almost 2 years in Hualien, I had had little opportunity to sample foods in Hualien. This is my first visit.

Dumplings. Lots of things are called translated to dumplings in English - the chang for DuanWu festival, wonton-like dumplings like this one, and even Shanghai buns (小籠包).

Then off for desert in a chic cafe 6km away.

And you said Malaysian petrol price is killing you?

In Europe, when they serve coffee, they don't serve alcohol (except maybe coffee with brandy). Here in 9803, they serve both at the same time.

The good o'l hot chocolate. Unlike Milo, it's really thick. A girl who skipped dinner only managed to down half a cup.
My iced chocolate with whiskey.

To Vanilla Herbs on Saturday with SCOPE. Excellent food with great environment. I'd let the pictures do the talking.

My next-in-line for SCOPE. Busy guy.
My idle days are spent sleeping time away. Now that it's turn so much hotter, it's getting harder and harder to fall asleep.

Here's one guy who can fall asleep wherever and whenever he likes. Though showing the middle finger is not something decent to do while sleeping.

Poor me on the other hand, have to be caffeine-free, noise-free and light-free to be able to sleep soundly.

Coming up:
  1. 4 days in Taipei
  2. Down south before the weekend - Tainan and Kaohsiung for my Silent Mentor family visit
  3. La belle France!


Anonymous said...

sometimes u have to treat yrself better