Jun 8, 2008

Weekend In Pictures

It's our school's graduation ceremony on Saturday. Nothing related to me, a young sophomore with 5 years of grueling studies still awaiting. I was there to send off my senior (it's obvious who's graduating), along with my 3 other seniors (3 guys on the left).
We have one graduate from choir this year, here's to send her off too.

Sunday dawned extremely hot and sunny. It's the DuanWu festival for the Chinese, but with finals one week away, few have the mood to celebrate. The baking weather reduces appetite for Chinese dumplings too.

Shops and businesses are closed for the weekend. Who doesn't like holidays?

Spending much of my time here today, it's unfair not to boast something about the Anatomy department and Anatomy Hall of TCU. From outside, it's just another tired building.
Lecture hall - I counted 2 projectors and 3 projecting slides. The standing white board on the right is rumored to cost RM10,000. Apparently it's an 'electrical' board where you write with your bare fingers (and that feature costs RM10,000?).

Walkway to Dissection Lab and Specimen Room. Filled with cabinets side-to-side and top down. Next semester onwards I will spend 16 out of 24 hours everyday here - studying, dissecting, studying, dissecting...

Muscular - every strand of muscle in our body has an origin (marked red) and insertion (blue) to complement its function. What other people say is true - you don't need to be intelligent for medicine, you'd just need a lot of memory.