Jul 10, 2008

Arcachon On Sunday

Arcachon is a sandy cove just one hour away from Bordeaux. The first weekend deserves something less challenging, so I headed southwest on Sunday and found myself a tourist town with golden sands, mellow waves of the Atlantic and lots of tourists.

Arrive in Arcachon at 2.35pm

Just a 100m walk bring me to the coast of the Atlantic

Without due delay I quickly rented a bicycle and headed to Dune du Pyla (Pilat)

Dune du Pyla after 45 minutes of cycling. Standing at 117m, it is a natural marvel, yet a threatening one. It is advancing at an alarming rate inwards, engulfing trees, buildings and everything in its path.

Just being a tourist
View from the top was magnificent. The dune just stretches on and on and the weather is just perfect for windsurfing

The back to the beaches for a lazy stroll. Sun's great

Leaving Arcachon at 7.24pm


Anonymous said...

it's adventurous, and next times remember to apply sun-tan lotion b4 yr tour, yr look sun-tanned.