Aug 25, 2008

World Heritage Site: Malacca

It was just pure coincidence the decision to visit Malacca was made. Dad wanted a KL trip to replenish his art supplies, and between Cameron Highlands and another historic city, we decided the idle, sleepy, vegetative highlands is not suitable for us (no pun intended for Cameron Highlanders).
Our last trip was 10 years ago, with both of my cousins - now one of them is in New Zealand. So, Yan, this post is specially for you.

The eye-catcher - upon entering the town center, a splash of red greets the traveler. Christ Church of Malacca is built by the Dutch, and hence the simplistic lines

The British added their touch with Victoria Regina - a fountain commemorating Queen Victoria's jubilee

The Stadthuys, or Red House - now transformed into a series of well-managed museums by the state government

In terms of gourmet, Malacca wouldn't rank close to Penang, but no one beats the Hainan rice balls out of the town

Waiting patiently for the meal to be served

A stroll along Jonker Walk on weekends is the best way to experience the rich and diverse culture of the historic town

Colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese before being handed back to Malaysia, Malacca has every reason to be proud - or sad about its past. During the early days her glorious reign spanned the entire Sumatera, Java and Borneo; during British rule the English attempted to abandon Malacca in favor of Singapore. With the UNESCO listing may all these history be preserved and appreciated by future generations

Traditional Chinese shops lurk in little alleys along the old streets of Malacca; the young, however, mostly left Malacca for Kuala Lumpur or Singapore in search of better living

Qing Yun Ting - the oldest Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) temple in Malaysia