Sep 16, 2008

Our Silent Mentor 2

"Even when I'm left with my only bowl of rice, if others need it, I would still give my half to her," such are the golden words of Mdm. Lee, our silent mentor. A typical Taiwanese lady - strong in heart, thrifty and caring, she was the mother to 4 successful children.
After her husband's untimely death, which left her and the family with debts and the mortgage, she learned cooking from her in-laws. Subsequently setting up her own restaurant which would later pay for all of her children's university education. A thrifty person by nature, she would not hesitate to pay up when it comes to her children's education, as she is being deprived of education herself when she was young. This also subsequently fueled her passion for learning - taking up English when her French in-laws came visiting and recipes from the television.
She was diagnosed with metastatic third stage lung cancer at age 60. On the second day she got to know of her illness, she voluntarily shaved off her head - "I wouldn't like the hair falling all over," she said. A traditionalist though, she broke the taboo and decided in donating her body, saying "if you bury me, the rotting would hurt; if you incinerate me, the burning would hurt. I would like the pain to be contributive to some noble cause."
Mdm. Lee passed peacefully on July 1 2006, with company of all her family and friends. She is indeed a kindred spirit whose personality and strength her family members will well remember. For the next 4 months and eternally we would all be grateful for Mdm. Lee's contribution as well as her respected undertakings in life.

We're in Group 11, with Mdm. Lee as our silent mentor

And the picture of a portion of us, before the course officially begins


sze ping said...

you guys have to wear uniforms?

JYSim said...

oh, yes. Lame isn't it?
It's for the ceremony only. For lessons we have another grey shirt - elephant skin.