Sep 28, 2008


To all my classmates and everyone reading:
"...although a tear may be ever so near, that's the time you must keep on trying.
Smile what's the use of crying. You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile."
And just for a taste of the good o'l 70's, here's "Our Love Affair" from An Affair to Remember. How many times do you see John Williams accompanying for Groban?


See San said...

Hey this is Mei~ Josh was awesome in " Our Love Affair". Have u went to hear " With You" also by him ( song for Valentine) a

and my all-time favorite~: " You are the only place"

Enjoy! And I love Josh Groban too^^


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Soon Khen said...

I love Joshy. Haven't heard Smile yet though. hrmm.

See San said...

Hey!!!!1 This is Mei ( again~) found this in youtube and was.........(please fill in the blank yourself~) Yes, it is about Josh Groban again~ but it really worth the watch~