Sep 4, 2008

Trivial Nothings

Here comes the September edition of Trivial Nothings:
  • Americano left to chill will taste like something between a mixture of Chinese medicine and drain water.
  • What I've been dreading since July is seemingly surreal - expecting burning whether back in Hualien, I was surprised to find cloudy skies and quite some rain for 4 consecutive days since my arrival.
  • And despite being relocated (read: outcast) to the highest floor of our dorm, the room managed to stay cool. Partly thanks to the cloud and rain, and partly to the new-bought 2-horsepower exhaust fan blowing in cool air from outside.
  • The school is relatively empty - majority of students are still holidaying. The emptiness made for some romantic and melancholic scenes, also part of the weather to blame.
  • I find Newsweek, Times and National Geographic magazine in our school library, but no Readers' Digest - which I think strange because RD is supposed to be the digest of all articles published worldwide, edited and 'digested' down to bite-sized portions for busy and lazy young generations. But then again, much of what the school does is beyond my rational understanding.
  • See the amount of food-related phrases on the previous point? I'm hungry, at 12 midnight. And I have nothing edible around me, just as usual. That's how I'm losing weight in Taiwan.
  • Exams in 8 days' time. And I went for a movie this evening.
  • Seniors would say the start-of-term exam for Anatomy and Dissection is rather important because it contributes about 20% of the total score. As one described - if you do well this once, you can lie all semester and still manage a pass.
  • I however, did the math carefully - if we get an 18 for the 20% overall, that means for the next 5 mid-terms (yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have 5 mid-terms across 17 weeks of lessons) we would have to score between 8 to 10 out of 16% overall each.
  • But then again life is not about exams, it's about how much you learn - experience!
  • So pray with me for a best foot forward this semester!