Dec 3, 2008

What To Write?

Oh dear, writer's block.
First of all we pray and mourn for the victims of the Mumbai five-star district bombings several days ago. As written by Anderson Cooper of CNN "the largest city on the world's second most populated continent will never yield to few bombings by a group of 10 or so terrorists." India has one of the world's most diverse democracy and population. While the true nature of Islam as a religion is one of peace, understanding and tolerance, the shattered glass of the Taj Mahal and debris of the Oberoi will once again induce the endless cycle of revenge: attacks and counter-attacks. Where will this lead to in the end?
The 171 people killed will be remembered, and the group held liable for the attacks will be punished accordingly. However, the key to reestablishing harmony would be to forgive and forget. And we commonly have faith in India, a country who has shown the world examplery values of tolerance and forgiveness.
Secondly, the protestors in Bangkok have reasons to rejoice and to grief. For the first time in South-East Asian history, the power of the people successfully oused a government, commonly regarded as dictatorial. The reason to grief? The shutting down of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport will leave chain effects in the nation's already crumbling economy. Thailand, heavily dependent on tourism, will not recover 3 years down the track, and Thais will see through a lonely Christmas this year.
Nevertheless, it is both inspiring and exciting to witness democracy work its way through S E Asia for once. Thailand had been a nation of brave and intelligent people - as witnessed during the Second World War and also the British Indian era earlier. It will recover and function once again as a strong nation. Its neighbouring countries (ahem, Malaysia...) should learn from the Thais that dissatisfaction in governence should never be kept in coffee-shop talks. One should have freedom of expression and equility in a nation where all our ancestors took part in fighting for Merdeka.
That's all for now. Good night and good luck, Bangkok and Mumbai.