Jan 9, 2009

Trivial Nothings January

  • Woohoo! One more week and neurobiology to go, and then it'll be the long-awaited winter holidays!
  • My high school classmate says I'm very much alike to the villain in Heros, Sylar. I did two things to decide on the nature of the comment - I wikipedia-ed it (for his looks) and asked another friend to which commented he's a very cool and smooth villain. Both of that did completely to satisfy my sense of inquisitiveness.
  • We had lab sessions for 6 consecutive days - 6 exhausting, formalin-burning-your-sinuses days basking under the surgical lamp. It'll be the last day tomorrow, when we'll begin to suture our silent mentors.
  • During the middle of the week it really felt like being a candle burning at both ends, and melting in the middle. On Tuesday morning I woke up with a sore shoulder. It was so bad I had to beg my roommate for an ice patch and stick it up my back the entire morning.
  • Yesterday was the eve of our gross anatomy grand finals. I spent the evening chatting with Benjie on MSN. Not a nice way to spend the night before grand finals.
  • Our microbiology lab manual next semester was authored by someone named Cappucino. Somewhere along his lineage a barista must have either fallen in love with their family name and invented the beverage or their great grandfather accidentally poured frothed milk into Espresso during breakfast.
  • That was my daydreaming recently. Other variations include savoring the Swedish meatballs of Ikea when I stop by in Taipei next weekend and being bumped up to First on my flight back home.