Mar 29, 2009

Taipei Trip, Again

So you were thinking I'm simply obsessed with Taipei. It's true, the metropolis is packed with everything a mundane medical student yearns - excitement, entertainment, and expensive nadas. Hopped over there last weekend for a 3-day trip, which was fun but ended unfortunately with something lethal (will tell you more next time).

Started the day with some morning walk at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. Note the very controversial 'Freedom Square' mural. President Ma haven't got the time and money to remove that yet I suppose. With Dad's ex-classmate, who have to tiptoe to manage my height.

We were actually there for a Andy Warhol exhibition.

Taipei will be hosting the Summer Deaflympics this year.

The National Taiwan University School of Medicine - whenever Tzu Chi University angers us, most of us will swear we'd regretted not aiming higher for this - the oldest, most prestigious and most elite school of Taiwan.

And the NTU Hospital. Looks more like a hotel eh? They have Starbucks at the lobby, and convention centers for pharmaceutical companies and health-promoting programs you might confuse yourself you're in a Hilton or Shangri-la.

Take time off for a stroll along Taipei central. Albeit the filthy air, lots of pre-war Japanese style buildings are waiting for you.

A house Sun Yet-Sen stayed briefly on a visit to Taiwan shortly after independence.

An 80-year old bucket store. All wooden buckets, and wooden bathtubs.

Head over to Da-an district for some art and open-air sightseeing.

Your guides of the day - Aunt Mei Li and Auny Qiu Xia, both Dad's ex-classmate.