Apr 25, 2009

Life Right Now

Is not exactly a bed of roses, but we all manage - some barely crawling by, some slithering away stealthily, some soaring across. Once over the hedge, we all have different gains as well, depending on how you spend your time and life.

The pile of books recently taken. No, I did not remove all my books and stack them up for a picture, they were basically laying there when I decided to take a picture.

Microbiology lab.

Is very interesting, especially with an absent-minded partner ("what? That was Salmonella? I thought it was a Shigella? Or was it Staphylococcus? I think I might have mixed all of them together!" = =b) [not pictured to avoid controversy] and a fun-loving teacher.

Went to another Miharasi camp this afternoon. It was all fun and rewarding, especially with children swarming around you; until you come back and see the amount of work piling up.

Heading to Sabah for 2 weeks this summer, guess why?


Anonymous said...

hey, how u manage thro ? glad u are able to take leave for yourself, join the crowd n be happy! Anyway , makan lebih sikit, nampaknya sudah menjadi kurus. console to see your photo.

dearning said...


> <"

dorayen said...

oh my god ..
If I were given all those books, it will take me decades to finish them...

going Sabah for??