Apr 6, 2009

Trivial Nothings April

  • I recall the month of April, whether in traditional literature, music or poetry, is always associated with tender, fine weather and blossoms of natural beauty marking the return of spring.
  • The romanticism doesn't apply to Hualien, or maybe Taiwan in general. It started out with a terrible chill spell, and being spring humidity was to be expected. We had a few days of soggy socks and umbrella carrying. Then the tender sun appears. Just as I was preparing for an outdoor picnic under a blossoming yellow shower, rain comes pouring down in a span of less than 20 minutes. I hardly catch my breath rushing home stowing the laundry.
  • And much as I like to start packing away my winter clothing, evenings and nights are so bone-bitingly cold I overturned my entire wardrobe for the touch of warm acrylic and polyester (who wears wool nowadays, that's so 50's).
  • That's when we truly miss the feel of light cotton or linen under a hot sun back home.
  • And speaking of home:

  • Of course this year's award sparks another controversy. Partly because an airline from a kiasu nation isn't on Airline of the Year, and the airline of the year is just mediocre in my personal opinion (we're not giving out names, Cathay Pacific) - with no pillows and blankets, no on-demand entertainment system, simply...mediocre.
  • I had a great laugh yesterday, literally more exercise to my abdominal muscles in the entire year combined while reading this (in Malay):
Nama orang-orang Jepun :-
1. Yang pemarah - Keiji Cacimaki
2. Yang suka berjimat - Sayori Sukamura
3. Yang bisu - Kieta Tadasora
4. Yang suka makan nasi - Nanachi Kasibanya
5. Yang suka layan "blues" - Apo Nadikato
6. Yang suka belajar - Ashiko Ulangkaji
7. Yang kerap mengacau - Wakasi Huruhara
8. Yang sangat kedekut - Matimati Tamokasi
9. Yang suka tidur - Ichiban Tidomati
10. Yang suka mengintai - Hintai Akosuka
11. Yang tua - Taragigi Padanmuka
12. Yang kena bini lari - Susahati Binilari
13. Yang suka merempit - Sajaro Carimati
14. Yang lembap/bodoh - Ayumi Siputbabi
15. Yang suka bersumpah - Saiifoo Baukari

And I'm still bursting out laughing while my roommate blasts away on his bidding on eBay ("why are you laughing? My bid was just overturned at the final second! THE FINAL SECOND!")

Well, that should be enough for one month don't you think?
Come back for more laughs whenever you want.


blushstar said...

:) So Malaysian Airlines won this year huh? :) Air Asia won the best Budget Airlines award, I'm not sure from which organisation though. :)