May 16, 2009

Trivial Nothings May

Time's up for trivial nothings again.
  • Summer holidays is one month away, and the school has yet to announce when we're starting fall semester. I suppose that means we won't have a fall semester? Summer vacations through winter anyone?
  • My roommate claims to have the world's most painful headache and he is still watching a Mainland Chinese drama, laughing away.
  • H1N1 successfully penetrates Malaysia as we speak. Two Malaysian students returning from MH091 departing from New York was confirmed infected cases.
  • With the lackadaisical Malaysian attitude and almost non-existent screening in KLIA I am certain it would be a blast soon. Surprised? Well, KLIA was voted the world's most friendly airport, so of course they won't measure your body temperatures when you alight the aircraft.
  • Anyway, the pandemic virus is shattering my summer plans. My Sabah tour is now on the edge, and an August trip to Jakarta sees gloomy skies.
  • Airfares was bang cheap though, seems they would even give it out for free.
  • We finally completed our presentation for Discussions on Gross Anatomy, a 50-minute presentation about the disease which caused the death of our silent mentors. It was very challenging and I liked having the liberty of choosing the topics to present and discuss with my classmates.
  • It did occur to me, later this week, when we were attending a CPC (clinicopathological conference) that presentation skills is equally important for medical practitioners as medical knowledge.
  • More so especially if I'd like to go to the capital's main hospital in the future.
  • Read in Times today "dreaded by SARS less than a decade ago, elevator buttons are coated with plastic and sanitized every hour in all major hotels in Hong Kong."
  • Cathay Pacific, being airline of the year, is considering filming and broadcasting how their aircraft is sanitized and disinfected from ceiling to basement (aircrafts have basements?).
  • That really makes us think twice when riding on AirAsia, who does everything from disembarking, boarding, loading food, vacuuming the floors to cleaning the toilets in 20 minutes (or do they?)
  • Mum says I very rarely post my pictures online. Well, first of all I'm not as good looking as Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman. And secondly I'm not narcissistic, though I spend a considerable amount of time in front of a mirror whenever there's one. Thirdly I hardly get any chance to photograph nowadays, too busy.
  • I have nothing to do the long weekend week after next. 5 days break with Microbiology Finals after that. But, hey? Who studies on the first....erm, 4 days?