Aug 8, 2009

Trivial Nothings August

  • No, NO! NONO! It's August already? That means summer holidays is half gone!
  • Speaking of summer, uu'mph, just feel like sleeping.
  • For homey people like me, summer is all about reading novels you bought but never touched, watching movies you'd like a second time, hanging out aimlessly with friends and all the slimming exercises which never worked once food is served.
  • Despite the A(H1N1) flu pandemic, Malaysians don't really seem to mind - rallying, football cheering, calling your politician colleague names, protesting to ban displaying and selling alcohol.
  • Seriously, we'd be all too happy if the brainless people up there did get some flu - gives them time to think about what they had done besides money laundering, accepting bribes and tearing different races apart.
  • And no Tamiflu storage for them.
  • Speaking of race, one of Yasmin Ahmad's commercial highlighted the fact that school children don't know of the word 'race' as in origin of human beings, but they're familiar with 'race' as in Formula One driving.
  • So, in her spirit of promoting 1Malaysia long before Najib invented all the beautiful slogans, I wrote 'Malaysia' on the 'race' column when writing the purchase form of 1Malaysia unit trust (Amanah Saham 1Malaysia).
  • And since it is named such, I suppose they should all together abolish the column, as well as the racial quota.
  • The teller at CIMB bank took one look at it, strikes it off with his pen, and replaced 'Cina'.
  • And there goes my futile efforts in promoting unity.
  • So tell me why should we not rally against the ISA? It's reads like a law made by Stalin himself, and the law reverses Malaysia towards China under Mao's rule - the red guards? The limited freedom of expression? The all praises for your great motherland?
  • So will we ever see improvement in anything if we refuse to think ahead? If our great leaders still think Malaysians are as brainless as themselves - banning alcohol display, protecting us from racial sentiments with an unreasonable law, channeling money into their own personal use, covering up every crime committed by 'people up there' - will we someday see a revival of authoritarian dictatorship? Like Myanmar under the current military government?
  • Perhaps then we can see a Malaysian Caesar if we hold on long enough.


康宁 said...

and wait til they announce the Malaysian version of "Green Dam"...