Oct 16, 2009

Evaluation and Accreditation

Our school was splurged into something resembling Buckingham Palace for the previous week, all because of the TMAC evaluation. This is something of last chance for our school, if we flunked this time, we'd end up halving our student intake next year. Needless to say the school poured in every available effort to get this through.
Well, I am compelled to clarify on an issue up to this point - medical education at our school is comparable in quality to all other medical schools in Taiwan, we had been in first place for medical licensing board examinations for at least 5 years, as far as I can remember. Seniors had won many competitions, both clinical and basic sciences. Hospitals praised graduates - students from TCU are more compassionate and usually able to see eye to eye with patients. Why the evaluation committee is harsh to our school is beyond the description of a single post. Anyway, just take a look at how things are spiced up:

Welcome message - 4 of these scattered throughout the school.

School of Medicine emblem - before this only a piece of ground glass.

Potted plants, armchairs, coffee tables all across any available empty spaces - before this you could break dance here.

And, even in our PBL classrooms - beautiful, artistic potted plants.

Will tell you guys more about the process in the next post.


yiu said...

哈...真的應該拍起來跟平日的校園做比較阿~~^ ^

dearning said...




喔 不不不


因為輪到他們要評鑑了 兒= ="