Nov 29, 2009

What? You Ran a Marathon?

Seriously, I would rather sleep my weekend maybe read a good novel than spend a weekend morning panting, summing all my determination, and praying my heart would not fail running a marathon. However, since last week was the end of our 3-week exam schedule, and for some reason or another my roommate talked some sense into me, I agreed to go.
The marathon is more or less an election campaign for the local district election coming up this week. People with a weak heart and will, like me, can choose for the 3-km walk (which is the distance I walk in like, half a day). There and then I get greeted along the way by up-and-coming local politicians glazed with their aspiring propaganda and inspiring hope of world peace and economic sustenance. Well, since the event is hosted in a scenic route I might just ignore the waving wannabes and focus on the morning dew and picturesque scenery.

Woke up at 6am, Roommate no. 4 and Mrs. Roommate no. 4, and Roommate no. 3; in preparation for the run (or walk).

Event host, very charismatic. And they figured a beautiful slogan too.

At the starting point for runners. See all the election posters and politicians at the side?

Roommate no. 2 and Roommate no. 3, runner. Yours sincerely, pacer.

Some scenery along the way.

You can see why aspiring young and intelligent people, like me, should never stay in Hualien county. I'd die of boredom here, if anything else. And I can't survive with all the sophistication of urban life.

Nature is aesthetically wonderful, though. Something we all miss in big cities.

The walk was pleasant. Roommate no. 1, Mrs. Roommate no. 4 and me talked about class gossips, what it means to be in a serious relationship, how love is blind (you can roughly assume what the gossip was about from the latter two 'issues') and how we spend our childhoods watching only 4 channels when we have more than 100 now.
I was just about to break up a little sweat when the ending point appears. Even a grandma beside me rants "Too short, very disappointing!" Anyway, it did give geeks like me a very fundamental introduction into marathons (ahem, walks) and definitely a boost in confidence for people always finding excuses to exercise. I swim almost once per week, though.

Walkers receiving our certificates, now lying among the pile of recycle papers.

Runners receiving prizes. Roommate no. 4 was in second place; Roommate no. 2 was in third.

Second place, but suffered knee injuries and subsequently unable to walk for the entire day.

Then comes the real purpose of the marathon/walk - lucky draws. Most prizes are sponsored by election candidates, though their names are not allowed to be announced with the prizes. The grand prize of the day was a 32-inch LCD television screen.
Now the problem with us poor students is that we live life on a 5-feet by 4-feet space called student dorm. Basically our books, clothes, bed and computer takes up 19.5 square feet out of the 20 sq. ft. we have. I would love to have a LCD television screen but I'd figure I'd have to pay for someone else with ample space to stow it. I seriously considered trading my ticket for some cash from some unassuming auntie, but of course, the TV station would catch me in my act and I'd be broadcast all across Asia tomorrow - Medical Student Lucky Draw Conman, so I refrained.
Well, we did land a few prizes, among them -

A blender, from my ticket.

And a thermoflask, Roommate no. 2's ticket.

Mrs. Roommate no. 4 landed a steamboat-cum-teapot set. However, by the time the novelty of winning wears off and we don't bother to take pictures. People surrounding us were jaded with jealousy, though.
The event ended at 10am, with a family of 5 screaming and waving (winning the LCD screen) and a crowd of 500 crowding for the exit. We went for an elaborate brunch and came home to catch up on more sleep. The prizes are now occupying an additional 0.4 sq. feet at Roommate no. 4's living zone.
Anyway, a marathon/walk is definitely a nice way to whack yourself up on unearthly hours and spend a nice weekend with your family and friends.


yiu said...

哈哈, the grandma's cute!XD
so what u gonna do with the blender? blend textbooks and notes, drink it?=P

yiu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TSAN said...

badly, i found i entirely missed all the scenery

tiger said...


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