Jan 17, 2010

Eat. Sleep. Talk to Friends.

After the exams when you have all the time to yourself, boredom and misery usually kicks in. That's when you need company, apart from lots of rest for the previous 2 weeks of back-to-back action. So you see, exams are actually counterproductive - one spend every hour 7 days a week memorizing facts and answers, and after that lives up to one week of an empty life - eat, sleep, and just doing nothing.
This semester had been rewarding in lieu that I made a handful of close friends. This broke my previous perception that medical students are more reserved and less willing to share - personal issues, notes, knowledge. Now I recall the days when we spend huddled together in one small room studying, and the notes we exchanged - there's nothing else called unity among students beat and bullied by teachers.
Some friends think so alike you you'd wonder if we had duplicate brains. Being out and abroad, sometimes it is just a comfort to know somebody (if not many people) wouldn't mind going the extra mile to make our lives easier. I cherish some of the very profound talking we had and sharing of knowledge - even when it's not medically related.
In a few days' time I'd be home. And I will have other duties to fulfill - as a son, a brother, and a member of one big Sim family. For the time being I enjoy the status of a post-exam senior medical student - simply dine with friends, sleep like there's no tomorrow (thank you for not sunning us awake today...), and talk to close friends, as friends.

PBL Group Gathering - but I'm not in their group. I was simply a guest.


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