Feb 1, 2010

Chinese New Year Cookies Part 2

Next we did almond cookies. The methods are more or less the same but instead of mixing the batter ourselves Dad bought a pre-mixed batter. We just added our almond cubes.

The workforce - my sister was shooting this, Dad and my aunt were rolling the cookies and I'm applying egg yolks.

This is what comes out when it's well-done. Instead of the crumble-in-your-mouth feeling in peanut cookies, almond cookies should be crispy and savory. I personally think the blond almond cookies are more appetizing than the brunette peanut cookies...

Hope you guys liked the 2 part-cookie making posts. It really isn't much but it took up a weekend.


weifen said...

omgosh!!!! they look so tempting and yummy!!!!!! i want some please!! lol

blushstar said...

ohmygosh. u made cookies. I feel embarrassed...that I can't make (or cook)...well, for awhile.

Anyway, they look very nice, and yummzz. It's quite a lot eh...if it only took up a weekend, I think that's quite fast d...woohoowoohoo.