Mar 13, 2010

A Perfect Afternoon

Lunch: hors d'oeuvre - lobster creme salad on white toast.

Soup: pumpkin soup.

Mains: angel hair spaghetti with olives and tomato sauce; baked rice with mushrooms.

And off we go to 雲山水 (direct translation: cloud mountain water) - let's just name it The Place. It is a man-made holiday villa with all the above elements - a tranquil place with an English garden flair and great water landscap

The reason we're there - to photoshoot me (blush) and Mrs. Roommate no. 4.

The photographer - Mr. Liao previouisly in my class

The day was perfect for a photoshoot - great sunshine and warm colors - but it was too warm for us models.

Next comes all our handsomest and most beautiful portaits.

 Additional side dishes:

Perfect weather


REDD said...

very beautiful photo!
did you take that photo for anything or just for fun?

JYSim said...

Just for fun...