Mar 27, 2010

Signs That We're Getting Older

  • Afternoon naps are getting longer but sleep duration at night remains the same (7 hours).
  • When we constantly seek cabinets and bookracks to store our textbooks at campus - carrying a 1000-odd page bible is not good for the back.
  • When one couldn't stand doing anything alone, anymore.
  • So when we find your friends coupling up one by one, it hurts you deeply.
  • And I'm still single and available!
  • When you start to worry if you will find a partner at the end of this lone journey.
  • When we start to measure calories in everyday food, portions of greens in every meal, and strive to reduce fat and salt, just like Dad.
  • A classmate starts taking Qi Gong classes, just like Mum.
  • Roommates request to sleep at an unspeakable early hour, and wakes up at an unearthly hour - imagine I wake up to find them breakfasted, washed, packed and just about to leave.
  • Boys' attire gradually transform from T-shirts and jeans to long-sleeved shirt and slacks (with leather shoes).
  • Girls are gradually coupled, taken up one-by-one - in medicine, girls are treasured while boys are worthless until proven otherwise.
  • When couples don't mind showing affection in public anymore, talk about decency.
  • When the ladies will start online shopping looking for shoes, bags, and all the femine accessories (I think this has nothing to do with age).
  • And guys start looking for watches, branded shirts and jackets.
  • When most of us start talking about what specialty we will take in the future.
  • When we will be greeted by doctors and staff in the hospital.
  • When majority of people call us "senior".
  • A dark blue hoodie becomes my favorite, because hoodies made the wearer looks younger.


yiu said...

hello uncle小藍帽! XD