Apr 11, 2010

Onions and Garlic

My hands smell of onion and garlic because I've been dicing them both the entire afternoon. The occassion was Mrs. Roommate no. 4's birthday, and the only thing I'm confident enough to bring to the table would be my own improvised spaghetti - lots of garlic, onions, tomatoes and oregano.
Modern buddhists emphasizes sharing as a source of joy, and I couldn't agree more. Though not strict service to be exact, it's plain fun just to dish up something everyone and share a special occassion.
We do not have much time ahead of us, for hospital placement next year would mean training under different departments for everyone and very little opportunity for friends' gathering and birthday parties. I think the same applies for most people of my age - university life comes to an end, and we will all go our own destined way. Adult life will be less carefree, but friends we will have to fall back to in times of insecurity. So before the countdown to convocation ends just enjoy every pot luck and weekend dinners!
Also I would like to say sorry to Mum and Dad for neglecting to call home this weekend, partly because we were busy planning the surprise party, and partly due to the mid-terms just after that.

So, for those who had a great weekend, happy Monday. Those spent working or studying - happy weekend ahead!


Anonymous said...

no sorry for me??!!!


TSAN said...

thanks for your spaghetii, Mr. Big chief