May 22, 2010

Heart and Mind

Things are easy when we were small - we want something from deep in our hearts, and our minds follow suit. We cry and feel upset when we fail to get what we wanted, we smile and be joyous when we achieve what we aspire.
As we age things got more and more complicated - we were taught to abstain from celebrating too much - just in case ego sets in and marks our downfall; we teach ourselves to get immunitized to failure - because if we don't we'll end up jumping off a building or hanging ourselves. We were taught what's good for the mind isn't necessarily what our heart really want, and what our mind yearns our heart may detest.
We start to take great concern in what others' think about us - those who care less are either "cool" or "weird". In fact, we spend so much time thinking what others' might think of us a term is coined just for this purpose - procrastination. Wikipedia even defined in with 3 criteria that we knew deep from our hearts - needless, counterproductive, and delaying.
Who in the first place dictate what a person should and should not do? And whether others' thoughts will appreciate or devaluate an individual's worth on Earth?
The brain is such a complicated organ to decipher. The heart follows instincts. I say if our instincts are harmless to the general public and good for the soul - follow it.
And don't give a damn about what others' may think. Let them waste their time procrastinating.