May 4, 2010

The Office

No, I'm not referring to the mini TV series with Steve Carell in it, though I love watching it whenever MAS shows it on their flights.
What I'm referring is our little study group this semester.
This is what happens when the library closes every public and school holiday, and on every Sunday until 2pm. Dumb people like me will need a place to study - most of the time late into the night. This is when the PBL rooms come in good use.

A view of our "office". Please ignore the mess - this is where we eat our breakfasts, sleep our naps, read our endless road-to-becoming-a-doctor, and get every little entertainment we can.

A view from my "cubicle" - the messiest of them all. What's human nature but habits that hardly ever change? - Ask my mum about my habit to stack things up until they match the height of Taipei 101 or the Burj Dubai. You will also see my groceries and bread for tomorrow amongst the pile - how the typical office cubicle is in a normal middle-class office worker.

Our "office" is among the most hardworking one in the PBL classroom zone, Level 9 of Block E in Tzu Chi University. Opening hours are from 8am (probably earlier) to 10.30pm daily, mostly 7 days a week. I usually arrive only after 8.30 and among the last to leave.

And here's our office whiteboard, divided roughly into 5 sections. Booking reference number refers to a train ticket I booked on the net and have to cash it before the specified date. Short and long-term plans refers to our office's health promotion program (influenced by Family Medicine).

So, what do you think of our "office"?


yiu said...

cool. can add on smth machine? XD

JYSim said...

Great suggestion. I'll watch out when 7-11 or Family Mart retire their current coffee machine...