Jun 11, 2010

Getting Perspective on Exams

Exam term always bring out the whinging side of me. Just like today, I was fine in the morning and was all motivated after pep-talking to myself. After lunch, my motivation index went down and there goes my afternoon - spent reading Lonely Planet Shanghai and all sort of nonsense - coupons, brochures, and address books - found within a 3-feet radius.
  • Exam term makes you blind - everyone became inward-looking, moody, bipolar and isolated. 
  • Library copies of core texts were all snatched up, but when I have a copy in hand I just set it on the side of the table (as a reminder I have to read it in 2 weeks). 
  • Question banks were distributed, but they read like Russian to me. And whenever I try to reach for the folder my hands felt as if they were tied to lead.
  • End-of term reports are piling up, and no way am I starting to do any of them until 24 hours before due.
  • Well, you get what I mean...
We forget that we live in a real world where real people live a life, and die. We throw all our relationships and commitments aside. We get bored and drained, but have no guts to rebel against it. Then we break down from fatigue - hours spending in front of the PC doing nothing, just like me, now.
Happened to talked to a few prospective overseas medical students coming for their entrance exam this year. I wished they donate some of their enthusiasm to me.


    yiu said...

    yes lo,好像考試最大