Aug 4, 2010

Observations Of Another Sort

My Taiwanese friends consider me a frequent flier. I travel home twice yearly, I know my way around nooks and crannies to land myself a cheap ticket home, most of the time. Going home was my only will to live through my finals back in freshmen year. The feeling slowly evolved into excitement at the end of terms, and lapses now into just another part of the summer holidays. I guess I'm growing up.

Anyway, as the years go by the routine of traveling scrapes away any excitement left of traveling. The routine sets in, the unexpected slowly becomes the expected, and fatigue closes in. Sometimes the familiarity gives a little comfort - comfort of being home - but this too slowly gets eroded away with time. Much as I yearn to be home with my parents and sister, I gradually find life at school inseparable. Much as I detest the lack of everything in Hualien, I find myself wanting nothing when I'm surrounded by retail outlets in Taipei. The airports I frequent the most - Taipei Taoyuan and Kuala Lumpur are like the back of my fingertips I can easily navigate through them. Spot me sipping coffee at one of the best secluded spots and arriving at the gate right on smack of time for boarding. I glee at this familiarity but am worried the excitement is slowly evaporating - is this mid-life crisis?
Much as everything is becoming routine for me, sometimes the smallest actions of others will simply light up our very routine day. Take for example, the stewardesses was dictating meal options to me this morning - fish with egg fried rice, chicken with pasta or nasi lemak? Without hesitating I answered the latter, and perhaps with too much enthusiasm. She flashed a smile and asked how long have I been away. I mentally counted the months and said "it's been six months!" She laughed.
This is why I find Malaysia interesting. It's a country with unhurried people - people who are willing to sideline things just to bring his attention to your problems, people with their relaxing demeanor who will put you at ease even when you lost your credit card (sometimes interpreted as inefficient). Malaysia is a reminder of slowing down and smile to me, that I shall carry in heart.
Have plenty to blog about this summer, most still spinning in my mind, but will be out of town again tomorrow. See if DiGi Internet is as good as they advertised then!


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