Aug 26, 2010

Sunday Morning in Penang

We actually wanted to go hiking, up Muka Head and ending at the Lighthouse. But rain started *drizzling* when we were in Tanjung Bungah so we decided to spend it more laid-back.

Having dim sum at 9 in the morning, our driver Zhi Ming.

With nothing in mind we text Chien Gay to see if he's home. He is! So we headed to Chew Jetty. Parked our car at Lebuh Acheh to admire all the pre-war houses there.

When terrain suddenly change from land to timber and water, you're unmistakably in one of Penang's most famous sites - the Clan Jetties. Chew is the most well-maintained of all the jetties.

Chean Gay's house so happened to be in a scene of a recent Malaysian production "Ice Kacang Puppy Love". We went inside for some chit-chat and 2 hours just flew past.
Land in Penang is getting so expensive I'd buy myself a wooden house on seawater when I grow up!

Nearing lunch time, we left Chean Gay's house to hunt for food. Mr. Kuat suggested Amelie beside Cheah Kongsi, which we visited and was full.

So next we went to Prangin Mall (any mall is the most convenient place for food). We discovered excellent views up on the 6th floor parking space. All 5 of us stood there for a well 15 minutes taking photographs.

After lots of food and talking we went home. I went to my babysitter's house for another round of feasting later the evening. A weekend of food and fun.


康宁 said...

i still rmb we went chean gay's house 2 years time flies!!