Apr 3, 2011

Unwrapping My Baby

My PC has been with me for 5 years now, approaching the average lifespan of a Windows-operated computer. Even though the specifications are still sufficient for today's standards and I'm more than happy with the performance - I don't play any games, heavy duty downloads, or crazy rigging - I can live comfortably with only a DSL cable, my future lifestyle of migratory hospital hopping and need for mobile connectivity means a laptop is a need for me. It has to be a near-PC replacement, light, compact, and last till I'm 30. Given that most Macs outlive PCs, and I can be granted a computer life free of virus infections and not responding windows, I decided to wait for the MacBook Pro update (rumored to be due anytime since last December).
On February 24 Apple finally revised its MacBook Pro line. I placed an order and waited for Taiwanese Authorities to clear its electromagnetism certification. One month later it flew from Shanghai to Taipei, got stuck at customs, and a series of barrage meant to make life of forwarding companies easier, I was finally handed my new baby on last Tuesday evening.

Made and assembled in China.

Apple's minimalist design


Designed by Apple in California, made in China

The standard MacBook packaging

Apple's unibody aluminium case, made from "environmental-friendly materials" - a beautiful euphemism for recycled Coca Cola cans

My only complain about the sleek and minimalist design is that it has only 2 USB ports

The black keys

And bouncing to life...

Given that I've been using Dad and my sister's MacBook previously, getting used to my baby only takes several minutes. I won't start a debate here on Windows vs. Apple, but sometimes we can just save ourselves all the trouble - antivirus programs, scanning every incoming USB, mouse, speakers, webcam, legal softwares. I hear you say some top-end laptops sell at prices lower than Apple's, but nothing beats its all-rounded performance and chic design at the end! Oops, there goes the no debate policy.


Mimi - SleeplessInKL said...

Congrats with your new toy. Excellent choice ;) With a Mac, you can say forever to the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death. The only thing is: did you get Microsoft Office for Mac? It's a decision I still regret. Mac OS is sooo stable but Excel keeps giving me problems *sigh*

JYSim said...

I use iWork, it's not as user-friendly as MS Office but that's the only (cheaper) compromise