Jun 15, 2011

Goodbye Clerk 1

Today I had my last exam. Well, probably, my last exam - all right, my self-proclaimed last exam. It's actually my last exam for Year 5 or Clerk 1. As corrected by my classmate - we have so much more exams to take, this is hardly of any significance. However, this is my last written exam before I'm set for the USA!
Lots of happenings during the past 2 weeks.

First of all, my deposit for Cornell got lost and found. Thank you so much to Ms. Dianne Young, my clerkship coordinator at Cornell, for her perseverance.
Then the New York Tzu Chi chapter found us accommodation. Thank you so much Mr. Scott Huang, CEO of Tzu Chi New York, that we won't have to sleep on the streets during our one month there.
I'm currently doing my 2-week clerkship in Obs/Gyn at XinDian Tzu Chi Hospital. Have to modify my course by bringing forward the rotation (which starts in July) now so that I can have a full month in Cornell. Thanks to all the ladies in our School of Medicine for their negotiating skills and endless paperwork. Thank you so much Mr. Hsu, our dean, for allowing us this privilege as well.
Thanks also to Ms. JJ from the Department of Clinical Medicine at XinDian Tzu Chi. She made my life difficult by asking me to collect 3 signatures for a day off (to take today's test back in Hualien). I appreciate her training my determination, which is nothing compared to months of negotiation for this trip.

This trip to the States had taken more than money and writing intention letters. It took days of staring-at-the-calender brainstorming, negotiating how I would do my clerkship in Taiwan so that I wouldn't miss Cornell's. It took up hours of telephone calls, waiting for approvals, signatures, e-mails, and the postman. Had not for all these kind-hearted men and women (including the hardworking postman), we would still be only on the planning stages. But no thanks to all the red tape we had to go through.