Jul 1, 2011

San Francisco, California

I told Soon Khen I wanted to see the San Francisco Gay Pride which was held on the day after my arrival. After my flight was delayed, I was not keen on going anymore fearing for jet-lag. However, we persisted and I found myself in crowds of very friendly and showy people 2 hours later. It was an eye-opening experience to us we were so immersed I found I only had 2 rather boring pictures of the pride that's not worthy of show.

Later we trailed up Chinatown SF, the oldest in North America

I hardly experience any culture shock in the US. Firstly thanks to all the Asian and Indian faces I see everywhere, and secondly thanks to Hollywood movies that sculptured US scenes and cultures so well in our heads even before I step foot on America. The different Chinese dialects they speak in Chinatown is very authentic you could confuse being in Taiwan, Hong Kong or even Malaysia.

This is a very prideful San Franciscan seagull on a WWII submarine, at Pier 39

Gorgeous people and weather defines the west coast

For dinner. I'd say Penang cuisine is slowly evolving into cult status. We have "Penang" in midtown Manhattan too.

On another less sunny day I visited SF again, this time alone. I wanted to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge initially. Acknowledging the cliche when I got the looks from Soon Khen and friends, I wanted to do it anyway because that's what tourists do. We just have to show off after the arduous 12-hour plane ride, something to proclaim I survived US Customes and Immigration!
However, it was raining cats and dogs when I arrived. And I didn't have any raincoat that will survive the bicycle ride. So I end up in the Ferry Building for lunch served by a gay waiter instead. And got my first free beer... (that's right SK)

All kinds of cheeses

Didn't manage the Golden Gate, but I did dine looking at Bay Bridge

Later spending my remaining hours at SFMoMA (Museum of Modern Arts). Window views were rather nice, the art too radical for my tastes.