Feb 24, 2012

We're All Gay

You see, four straight guys won't drive 3 hours just to go look at cherry blossoms. I'm not affirming nor denying I'm gay, but driving 3 hours just to go look at flowers does not fall into the range of "normal" for most straight guys. We did just that last weekend, out of a whim. Actually it's two guys who wanted to shoot pictures with their DSLR. I just got invited because I'm good-looking enough for the lens.

So the only colonies of cherry blossoms on eastern Taiwan is at Taimali, Taitung, 3 hours away from Hualien.

4 guys (including me), and a girl. All gay.

I can roughly understand why the Japanese feel like sitting under forests of cherry blossoms during spring. It's like being enveloped under a canopy of delicate pink snowflakes during the best time of the year. Too bad if you have hay fever or allergic rhinitis.

This is a typical cherry blossom, I believe.

The plum blossom is the national flower of Taiwan, specially chosen by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and later adopted by China Airlines as logo. I actually recognized the real flowers from my impression of CAL's logo.

Ahem, probably the best picture from the entire trip. I actually prefer European but I guess Japanese or Korean is not too bad.