Oct 29, 2012

Why You Should Go To School

Me: The stroke isn't too bad judging by his functional status. I guess with a little rehabilitation he can still climb staircases and work with both hands.

Patient's brother: So there are no plans to re-establish the vessel?

Me: Nerve damage is irreversible. So there is no point in re-establishing the occluded vessel. Instead, we should focus on preventing a second event - that means controlling your blood sugar, BP, and lipid profiles.

Patient's brother: But why don't you guys do something about the occluded vessel?

Me: Well, "doing" the vessel will not help him improve his strength. What's dead is gone. We could recover that by rehabilitation and physical therapy. But "doing" the vessel will not help to recover his strength.

Patient's brother: Are there any drugs to keep the vessel open or what?

Me: Yes. By controlling his sugar, pressure, and lipid profiles, stop smoking etc. That's the best way to prevent a second stroke.

Patient's brother: So you guys are not going to open up the vessel?

Me: Doing so might increases his risk of intracranial bleeding.

Patient's brother: No plan to re-establish the vessel?

Me: ...