Mar 21, 2013

Thank You Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

For creating Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. And thank you BBC for making it into an awesome TV miniseries.
I know, it's almost 3 years since Season 1 and an entire year since the end of Season 2. I'm late in the bandwagon, but like anybody else I thoroughly enjoyed every episode and character.
A few weeks ago I mentioned I feel for both Dr. Watson and Sherlock. They are like two parts of my multiple personalities. I will elaborate further here with my similarities with Dr. Watson and Sherlock:

John Watson
  1. We both keep a blog for simpleminded people. And I think it's a reason why it's popular. In fact, you can visit Dr. Watson's blog here.
  2. We share caring personalities for people that mater to us.
  3. As with Watson, I am more comfortable in a supportive role instead of a major crime-solving lead
  4. We have high standards of moral integrity
  5. We work rather rigidly

Sherlock Holmes
  1. We are more intelligent than ordinary people *ahem*
  2. We get irritated when people distract us while we are thinking
  3. We are impatient with other's slow thoughts
  4. Right at the end of the spectrum in social skills, when circumstances requires it
  5. Cannot stand boredom
Actually, I'm so bored waiting for Season 3 now that I almost re-watched all 6 episodes to find any clues for Sherlock's fake death. This one scene from Season 1 Episode 3 describes my feelings most aptly right now.

Shouldn't you be studying instead of spending all your evenings watching the same miniseries? You ask. Well, I had my ways of surviving in the challenging field of medicine. The truth is I am always so tired after coming home I simply can't face taking out my books and see words fly around me anymore.
So just as a reminder to study and read more until I graduate, here's my favourite character with an important message.


Anonymous said...

I think I can qualify for all of their personality traits as well. Well, unfort, not for Sherlock's number 1. LOL. :/