Jun 7, 2013

The Insanity That is Graduation

Our original graduation date was on June 7th. Thanks to some logistical problem it was brought a week earlier to June 1st. This actually means we were still working the day before graduation and some on-call interns are to attend graduation (or commencement), in overnight scrubs.
After some serious lobbying and negotiation with the school and hospital, they agreed to let us go 12 hours earlier, that is at noon of May 31st.
We didn't waste another moment of free time and signed off with the greatest efficiency by 10 am of May 31st. However, as I am following Mum and Dad back to Penang for a month, I still had plenty of packing to do and meticulous planning for studying the boards the upcoming month. Thank God for Malaysia Airlines' increased baggage allowance (30 kg), I was able to haul most of my books back home.
Commencement came and went in a daze under the scorching June sun, followed a day later by a graduation party where I almost fainted in suit and tie under the humidity. 3 days later I'm back in Penang sweating myself to dehydration reviewing all the awesome pictures of the insane week.

We were very fortunate to have our babysitter and aunt accompanying us for the ceremony.

Some pictures of graduation party and friends who I shall miss dearly for many years to come.