Jun 28, 2014

Community Rotation a.k.a. Summer Vacation

For our one-year post-graduate training (PGY) mandated by health authorities, 2 months are dedicated to community rotation which serves to familiarise us with community health resources and health disparities on a community to regional level. Translated to laymen language, it's essentially 2 months of vacation local clinic visits, emergency medical transport, home and institutional care facilities, local health policies, and a community health report. Simplified further: it's spending 2 months away from the wards!
I scheduled my vacation community rotation for the final 2 months of PGY-1 to make full use of summer as well as to settle the complicated mission of re-applying for a work visa upon switching jobs in August. Also moving into the hustle and bustle of Taipei and procuring furniture for the new house, it's less of a vacation compared to my fellow colleagues - one of whom plans to conquer all the mountains in Taiwan and the other renovating and renting out his newly bought apartment.
Anyway, summer is too tempting to be wasted and each of us have our own plans making full use of the 2 months.
For a start, my parents were here earlier this month for my sister's commencement. As I'm on, ahem, community rotation, I picked up my parents from the airport with my free airport transfer gratuitous of Citibank. My parents' flight was delayed for an hour thanks to Hong Kong air traffic control. Just as I was about to file a complaint to Cathay Pacific, my sister's classmate told me her parents' flight was delayed for 6 hours, arriving Taipei at 2 am with their bags completely soaked. I hope they have travel insurance.

My family and my sister's classmate

President Ma's best wishes to all graduates. Strange I did not receive any congrats during my graduation. English translation as follows: I was informed of your school's commencement for MinGuo Year 103 (2014) will fall on June 7th and would like to extend my best wishes and blessing to all graduates. I look forward to seeing you persisting the school's excellent motto into our workforce along with (a chain of politically-sophisticated, hope-instilling but empty words). President Ying-jeou Ma.

Summer is not so nice in Taiwan due to the heat and humidity. But it's good to be spending time outdoors before I start my imprisonment residency in September.