Oct 24, 2007

Being Foreign

I go through the same procedure -
filling the registration form, collect his ID, buy him dinner,
struggling to find
time for a mountainous pile of homework
as well as handling trivial things
like his pocket money, tag number, and garbage bag.

Each comes and go, leaving much temporary impression but
their faces fade away.
The chocolate cake at Starbucks stays, so as the lavish Chinese course dinner,
but I will fail to recall
their names and cities of residence soon.

I hope
they carry with them
the experience of Hualien and Taiwan with them
all their life.
'Flying' in the typhoon, dancing like mad with the Stouxingers, and showing me
the Jieyang-ish 'cool' sign about Taroko.

I remain professional
but softened by every incoming.
Catering only to their needs, but not more.
I yearn to take off,
but I guess
I saw a universe
in each of them
and every outgoing seniors.

Exchange. It's your turn.


Hew Yaohua said...

I like the last sentence.
That's it, cool!