Oct 20, 2007

Family. Friendship. Love.

Just because everybody else went to watched 'Lust. Caution' yesterday while 4 of us SCOPE and SCORE (Standing Committee on Professional (Research) Exchange) officers have to manage interviews with Year 4s and 5s for their exchange application, we decided to bang for the first showing of 'December Boys' right after our Friday afternoon electives. Having watched the trailer both in Malaysia and Taiwan, I was eagerly awaiting the release of 'December Boys', which I readily assumed will be released on December. However, we accidentally spotted the little link to the movie on the cinema website, and hence we 5 people were among the 15 patrons for this movie that evening.
The movie was generally about 4 orphans, and best friends, who were picked for a holiday on the beach for the Christmas season. The Australian Christmas falls on summer, and the boys' friendship were about to go through challenges amidst the discovery of love and looking for an adopting family.
Surprises crops up once in a while, and there will be times when friends around you just disappear suddenly to reappear with his / her soul mate. And though theoretically you are still friends, but somehow, if you're not close enough to his / her soul mate you guys just don't seem like before. I'm not drawing conclusions, and I'm glad Soon Khen and Jieyang always manages to find time for all 3 of us, and the fact that I'm the one who's single from end to end among the trio is something beyond language.
'December Boys' portrays what true friends really are - protective of each other and the effort on maintaining the bonds even in times of occupation. There will always be abrasions and bumps, especially involving Sagittariuses ('December' in 'December Boys' depict the month which they're born), it proved once again that friendship stewed over the slow fire of time will never die. It is ultimately standing out for one another and thinking for the greater good that counts for what will be a lasting and fruitful friendship.
(And I realized I haven't elaborated on the 'Family' part yet)
The family package comes in a whole to include frequent arguments, good home-cooked food, the comfort of finding yourself in the house which you lived for 20 years, and Dad not giving you pocket money because the car was dented when you're back yesterday night. Individualism prevails in modern society, but Asians, being born and bred with the instinct of living in a family, will always be attached to the most basic social unit. Family is a must that comes before everything.


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