Oct 31, 2007

One Hour And Sixteen Minutes

One hour and sixteen minutes to midnight. I decided to give myself a one-hour-and-sixteen-minutes break. This is the second post in 2 days, inspiration just keep flowing in just when I have 3 chapters of biochemistry to cover.
I've always reminded myself since August to dedicate a post to the sixth form grads this year. Being part of them, and a Chung Ling alumni, I am always proud being a Chung Ling boy. Whenever I am going through rough patches of life I will recall all the lessons learned in CLHS - that those who persevere and truly have substance in them will appear victorious at the finishing line.
I salute our sixth form grads. All of them are top students in Penang (and even Malaysia) who successfully went through a life-changing path in their life. They showed the true Chung Ling spirit by their utmost dedication to whatever they are responsible to, and through them I see qualities many others do not have - problem-solving abilities, being initiative, united as a class and indifferent to losses and gains of life. I always see sixth formers as pilots navigating their own fates, and how determined they are too in sowing the seed for the future. I sincerely believe those who invested much effort will have what they yearned, soon, while those who persevered all the way would be rewarded in one form or another. It's the Chung Ling learning experience that counts. Happy graduation and good luck for STPM.
Have been doing a lot of philosophical thinking recently, as a result of being constantly compressed by assignments and biochem with the added effect of solitude. As you mature you will want to know more about how others think of you - am I the 'oh, Jun Yi!', 'h'm, Jun Yi?' or 'ok, Jun Yi...' I benchmark myself in between 'h'm, Jun Yi?' and 'oh, Jun Yi!', but we can never trust our own judgments. Nevertheless I think a person will never appear perfect in front of everybody. Naturally, there will always be people against you, and that's when what you truly are counts.
Some feedback found myself sequestered in the 'ok, Jun Yi...' part. And in fact I'm lately quite isolated from my classmates as a result of both my wisdom tooth and the amount of work. However, I think my mood ranges from moderately happy to so-so during this period of time (it's hard to be euphoric these days, with news constantly telling you the Earth is self-destructing soon). The reason behind this is because I am being myself. I do not bear the burden of having to mask myself all the time - pretending I'm 'high' during the orientation camp when I actually think the whole thing is completely pointless, pretending to be interested in gossips when I actually don't even know the main character (of the gossip) and pretending to laugh heartily when I've actually heard the joke 4 times.
Nevertheless, there are still little incidences involving people you know that hurt you from time to time. What you could do to minimize the damage is as simple as shrugging it off. Though you still feel your blood boil when you think about how the girl told you 'your photos, all lost' when returning you your camera (and chipped at the corner), and you can't stand your friend's sour comments on how expensive the Stouxinger's CD is, it is useless to be calculative on these little daily issues. You just have to forgive and forget them. Give. Take. Put down. Move forward.
Twenty six more minutes till my break is over.
Was in Taipei last weekend - wonderful city. Taipei makes you forget all your sorrows and problems. Taipei tires you and makes you sleep soundly at night.


Kee Wai said...

be tough pal...