Nov 5, 2007

0.5 Semester

I've always liked decimals more than fractions. They convey the right amount more accurately, and you don't have to second guess whether 7/8 is smaller than 9/10 (although it may seem obvious to some).
It's been half a semester. Aside the progress of biochemistry and shock of finding myself knowing absolutely nothing about biostatistics last week, there's no indication that half a semester had came and gone. Every week is more or less the same than the week before - on Monday I will yearn for the weekends; on Tuesday I'll question myself whether I'm still a medical student as I have a complete set of rubbish lessons on Tuesday; on Wednesday I'll get furious at how dumb my lab partner is, and how is he more interested in gossiping than getting temperature right; on Thursday I'll look forward to German, as the teacher talks more interesting crap than teach German, and on Friday I'll laze around while cursing the pile of homework that had accumulated over the weekdays.
It's difficult to imagine how was life this time last year - I just can't truly recall anymore. The past is, sometimes, better left alone. However, I almost feel proud seeing the progress I've made from last year. Although Sim Jun Yi may still not be Mr. Perfect everybody likes, whenever I look at myself in the mirror, at least I like myself, in the mirror (which is called narcissism by the way).
A lot of things changed over the past 0.5 semester, much like the raising flour prices due to increasing fuel costs and yadda-yadda. My life is still largely unaffected by the tides of change - I lived a life of semi-existence - I study, I sleep, and I forgot everything I've studied. I watch a really good movie, I sleep, and all images from the movie is completely erased from my mind. I made a mind-list on what to do by next week, I sleep, and I have to re-do it (doctor's diagnosis: vitamin B deficiency). Everyday I swim in pools of protein molecules and enzymes with names longer than our Sultan. I raise my head and I see myself smiling along with Mdm. Hor, and Jieyang and Kai Yan smiling back at me (in a photo). I sleep at 12 and wake up at 7.10, staring into the gloomy sky. Perhaps this is what you have to go through in order to become a doctor - to give up the pleasures of life - to give up a fraction of your spirit of adventure and ground yourself to the realm of expectations and performance.
Prices of vegetables increases by 177% in Taiwan, the Pakistani stock market slided 5%, the Italian government deports Romanian immigrants, Singapore Airlines increasing fuel this the beginning of the end of the world?
To Mum and Dad: I'm completely all right, so, if you see this, don't call.

p/s: McDonald's breakfast is a fast cure for the broken-hearted. Try it someday.


Colddrinks said...

Haha, vitamin B deficiency?