Dec 23, 2007


Since we're born, we are automatically engaged in a constant race with expectation. Expectations - you're expected to be able to count from 1 to 10 at 2-years old, expected to converse in complete sentences at 2.5 years, expected to know fundamental arithmetic at 4 etc. We are never spared from expectations till the end of our life. We have to fulfill the constant stream of expectations from parents, teachers, friends, seniors, classmates, and even juniors.
Then comes the secondary question - does failing to fulfill an expectation render you incompetent? Or does the ability to meet expectations made you Mr. Perfect? Depending on the situation we may choose to fulfill or break expectations instilled upon us. There will also be incidences when we break others' expectations by accident.
Thinking back, I have been an extremely lucky person - I have not experienced any life-threatening episodes, nor anyone I dearly love around me had passed away leaving things unsettled. I have, up till this very moment, managed to meet almost all important expectations - getting into medical school, being a good student, being a responsible president, being a trusted exchange officer. I thank God for all I have and all the trust others instill upon me, and I sincerely hope I will not let others down.
The human history had had more than enough evidence to proof that humans have a tendency to slack. While it is all right for me to slack away for a day or two, the world will never hold on to wait for you. In an organization it is hence important that there will always be the leading person piloting the way for everyone. While the president is the definite candidate for that, do please remember that there will be a day when he needs a break.
It might be my fault not providing enough training opportunities for my subordinates and co-workers, but their recent, and persisting absence from practice is taking on my nerves. To me, I will do my best whenever I made a promise. I promise I'll take leadership of this and I will keep this alive, but there will be days when I need a break, and I will appreciate it if you take my position momentarily.
Speaking of keeping promises and meeting expectations I was no perfect either. I was supposed to contact our university course mates for a dinner-meeting this weekend, but due to many unforeseen circumstances including Mum coming to Taipei and the endless choir stuff I had to deal with, making several calls to my course mates (which I meet only once every semester, and they hardly talk to me) went behind my mind.
As a result, when I contacted my senior she was totally in fumes. What else could I do but to hold the phone far away from the ear and endure her babbling on how untrustworthy young people are nowadays. I was deeply sorry for my irresponsibility, and I knew where went wrong - I was too slack. It would have been a difference if I just picked up my phone and dialed before Thursday evening. My fault.
Right now there's a big geek discussing pointless exchange application procedures in my room. I expect him to get clear out of my room right at this moment, but how many times in our lives are expectations met?


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hey..i dunno where to leave u a comment... i will be in taiwan from 31st Dec till 11 jan... leave me your contact details or something in my blog.. we could meet up =)

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