Dec 18, 2007


A year after another, time ticks away like water flowing down the gutter.
Nineteen - a number between teenage and adulthood;
undefined by proportion, unillustrated by figure,
uncompromising, unforgiving.
Changes sweeping through life.

for the better
for the worse;
change is refreshing and cool,
and revolutionary and clueless.
Learning to abolish
to adopt, to overhaul, to rewire,
to reinforce, to be reinforced and to be needed;
come responsibilities with glory.

I thank the Almighty everyday
for every chance to perform
to accredit and to be accredited
to appreciate and to be appreciated;
I am a dwarf looking up on giants -
teachers and seniors;
but I keep my nose up
towards pessimism, nepotism and absolutism;
and tear for righteousness and humanity.

Unchanged by time
for I am what I am.
Forgive our trespasses
and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil;
for I will not compromise truth and honor,
bend principles and topple balances.

Time sculpts everyone
and expose flaws
and we are not perfect.
Nineteen has opened my eyes to
the subtle human relationship
the importance of unity
and the joy of familiarity
3000 miles away from home.
Masquerading as a native,
but bearing my entity proudly, for the rest of my life.
I am Malaysian, I am Chung Ling, I am Penang.


Chen Yi said...

sorry for the delay, Happy Belated Birthday!!! many happy returns of everyday for you...

lalalim said...

Hey Hey

Happy belated birthday! Take care