Dec 5, 2007

One And Only

We all know things are a little unsettling back at home for the past few weeks. Whether or not it is due to the forthcoming elections or democracy realization in Malaysia had finally achieved world-class status, it is always disheartening for any Malaysian to see his / her homeland stained with riots, more that of racial riots.
I know it is a little late for thanksgiving now, but if we just had one minute to recapture our feelings before expressing them in volcanic magnitudes, think - where else in the world do you find another Malaysia?
Where else in any other place on Earth can you find Char Koay Teow, Sate, and Tandoori Chicken all housed under one roof? And their patrons all dining with the highest skills learned from their native friends?
Where else in the world allows you to listen to radio stations with Chinese, English, Malay, Tamil and Hindu all at once (that is, if you have 5 radios, turned on all at once)?
Where else can you celebrate Deeparaya, Kong Xi Raya, Merry Raya (do include all other combinations you can think of)? And enjoy so many public holidays people call us lazy?
Where else in the world can you speak Manglish and get understood by others?

We have been brought up all these while to appreciate the beauty and culture of others, but what I think lacks most now is to let everybody to see 'the big picture'. Malaysia is priceless - whether by accident or fate, the culture pot that melts everyone in can only do so once, because nobody knew the proportions. Somehow, in the process of integration, our food got mixed up, our language unified (Manglish) and we are all so much different yet similar in other aspects. Rewind history, and Malaysia would not be the same anymore, never.
We do not deny that there are obvious inequality in our government system and civil services, and that we have so much potential to outshine many other countries in terms of economic development and human resources if and only if the government stop protecting and start sharing. We have the richest natural resources and we have good schools, and we have the money to make more money, to share.
I am always proud as a Malaysian how our country had never had protests or riots since the May 13 incident. However, the news struck me as unbelievable when it got on BBC Online. On another perspective I am glad at how Malaysia had progressed in democratic rights - that every citizen of their native land have the right to express dissatisfaction over the government, but on the other hand I am saddened by how blindly we seem to follow others' path.
While we have learned the right way to exercise our rights, let's never forget our way of doing things. We were a British colony. Brought up in the fine Englishmen air, we never express unhappiness openly (or in Chinese, tear your face) in front of others. We do things quietly, with dignity, and still effectively. Being a multi-racial country it is only wise for us to follow this model. We cannot afford to scar or taint the feeling of others, majority or minority. Let's keep Malaysia flawless.
The battle ahead will be hard and long, but I am confident there still is hope. Hope for equality, and hope for a flawless Malaysia. There will only be one Malaysia in the course of history. Please let's keep it.


Hew Yaohua said...

Proud to be Malaysian,
proud to have you as a proud-to-be-malaysian friend.

Anonymous said...

I suggest u post or keep it till one day yr have been selected to publish your book, it's ready a good article n is a Malaysian's loveto his own country.