Nov 26, 2007

About My Life

I was being busybody and scanning through my primary school's friends' blog when I realize they all have happier, livelier and more cheerful posts than mine. Mine sounds so philosophical all the time. So, to propagate the term 'randomly', I hope this would end up a happy post.

I spent 1 hour and 52 minutes on Sunday afternoon watching a movie about a man whose greatness outshines that of Lincoln but is less heard of in our times. William Wilberforce, an English Member of Parliament from the late 1700's to early 1800's is the first who proposed a bill against slavery. During his time Britain was the biggest superpower on Earth but approximately two-thirds of the empire's wealth is built on slaves. This is a movie about one man who in his life had the opportunity to realize that God created Men equal, and gambled his youth and energy for it.
Being in parliamentary debates before, I just find the way he shouts "No matter how loud you shout you will not drive out the voice of the people!" mesmerizing and "Remember, God made Men equal" so tearful you'd weep at the end of the movie. This is a movie which images scald your mind even when you're having dinner or doing the laundry later.
We had Biochem midterms last Monday. Since almost everybody is blogging about how the exams are and how you wish it'll end in a flash I'll not replay everything. Let the following two pictures do the talking.

Those doing biology-related subjects will know anything with a 'bio-' prefix attached to it will involve LOTS of terms to be memorized and even more figures to remember. Take a long hard look at them - thousands and perhaps millions of these sheets are what doctors are made of. And you sue him for the simplest mistake - mistaking left as right or giving you false hope (or rather, failing to mention your days are actually numbered and seeing you break down in front of the entire family from Granny to Mimi the cat). Don't become a doctor, just be happy.

Another typhoon is sweeping over Taiwan lately, and as I mentioned to my friend this afternoon 'we're in London without being in London'. Everyday we wake up to 25% daylight, wade through streams and rivulets of rainwater to get to class - only to discover the teacher has postponed his lessons. We swim to lunch and dinner, and the air is saturated with water. Everything feels wet - the pages, the handouts, even the keyboard I'm typing in. It has been raining for 50 straight hours now, and I hope the school declare a holiday tomorrow - dismally low attendance.
Anyway, here's a shot out of my window before the storm.

Note the little yellow flowers (I think it's of the same species as our 'yellow shower', which fills the street with slippery yellow flowers during Qing Ming festival every year).
Now I hope the rain subsides on Wednesday, I have a wedding dinner to attend.
And I always thought a post peppered with pictures and clips are happy posts.


spyX said...

Ah, it's those times where you began to rethink your decision haha. But everyone have those moments, been there!!

Kee Wai said...

Man,the notes are so "scary"..haha...

Anonymous said...

the rain will be over soon. u are growing up,hope tomorrow will be a new day for u. Be happy always!