Jan 31, 2008

Penang In Pictures

A fascinating place needless to say, Penang is simple and yet complex. Hoping these little photos and illustrations collected over the years would provide a wholesome picture of the Pearl Of The Orient.

Bird's eye view of Georgetown - the roofs are iconic of Penang

KOMTAR, the 30-year old tower is Penang on the grand scale

Walking deep into the alleys and hidden settlements - Penang in microscopic scale

Would very much like to boast of such artictic talents, but this was from Dad, to a Japanese expat. back in 2005

What is Penang without food, and the stories behind it? It is said that at any given time, half of Penang is cooking for the other half. Unlike many other places, you can't fool the Penangnite's tastebuds - a little less choosy about the quality of your ingredients will see you abandoned, no matter how famous you are before. This is Penang, where people can even sense whether the soy sauce is pure or you bought them in the Macro closing-down sale 3 years ago.

Chee Cheong Fun ala-Penang

Koay Teow Th'ng

Behind the scenes - a family of hawkers. Doing her schoolwork, having a late dinner, and (presumably) reading the Kids' section of a daily

In face of development - hawking is still a rewarding job despite hardships and long hours. Many second generation hawkers however are more in favor of modern careers than hawking

Gone with the wind - in months to come this scene will be replaced by 'more progressive development'