Feb 2, 2008

Living Penang

There would never be something such as a comprehensive Penang tour. Penang is something to be lived and to be experienced - breathing the aroma around, driving and weaving through the crowded streets, and spending idle afternoons recapturing life.

Marketing in Penang requires knowledge, sensibility, courage to bargain and a lot of strength to carry your stuff around. Chowrasta Market in Georgetown

Marketing, especially nearing the New Year season, is regardless of gender, race and language

Always peace-loving, I never find an extra minute bargaining is worth the 20-cents saved. However, with Mum (and other Aunties), they won't mind dilly-dallying the 30 minutes away to save the extra penny

Who said language was important in life? As long as you get things through

Besides persuading you to buy more, these senior vendors are also experts in how you should cook your fresh-bought greens

Housewives pride themselves having a good bargain and preparing the best dishes - the only two job satisfaction they have

After the tedious shopping, reward and indulge yourself in one of Penang's good o'l coffeeshop

Something good brewing - preparing for a meal at home

Stocking up for Chinese New Year - Mum can't differentiate between vegetables and fruits

You don't call it Chinese New Year without a visit to a temple praying for good luck and not offending You Know Who beforehand. Two of Penang's many temples are recognized by the UN for their efforts in preserving culture and heritage

Of course, one isn't enough in Penang. Besides Jesus and Mary, we always frequent the Indian Gods too. Church of the Immaculate Conception of Penang is the first Catholic church in Penang

Gatherings and reunions with old schoolmates and your favorite teacher - to Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

The best Penang boys go to Chung Ling, and though Mum is questioning the quality of students they produce every year, many Penangnites would still 'appeal' and 'rayu' their way in. Academic performance had took a falling in recent years, but Chung Ling boys and their qualities are still irreplaceable in many ways