Jan 12, 2008

To Go Home Checklist

General Characteristics
Name: Sim Jun Yi
Student ID: 95311153
Dimensions - Height: 175
Weight: lost count
Performance: One partially-idle mind, approximately 4 hours of studying everyday, efficiency 40%. Great tendency to wonder off and slack. Weather to be blamed.

The Checklist
Prestart Checklist
Logics report
(5 reports measuring 500+ words each, DO NOT DEVIATE from lecture content, be extremely careful on ideas of certain topics, especially those involved with Eastern-Western culture clashes) - completed
Biostatistics presentation (insane project consisting of combing through a research paper looking for relevant statistical information, prepare Powerpoints for it, and get criticized silly because you couldn't cover all information in 15 minutes) - erroneously done
Medicinal Communication research project (distribute questionnaires regarding the reason behind certain people preferring Chinese medicine to Western, and why would you rather get punctured all over the body (acupuncture) than to take pills and sleep and get over with it) - just completed, not submitted
History of Science Assignment(s) (scribble scribble, copy, paste, express your views, and spend 10 cents per piece on printing a sheet the teacher will only read once) - completed but not submitted
Life and Medicine
(boring report for a boring lesson, though I am amazed by what I managed to churn out, 3 pages in Chinese) - currently ancient history

Takeoff Checklist
Medicinal English
(mark accents with capitals: abdOminal pain, urInary system, hematOemesis, encephalOpathy etc etc) - God bless my language nerves on Monday morning
(tell me the logic - you spend your life calculating whether or not there are significant differences between A and B, or whether C and D are interrelated and suggest endless possibilities and figures to solve the problem, when in truth global warming will tear everything apart in 10 years to come and we'd might not even live to see our results) - calculator present and on, a clear mind
(again tell me the logic - you spend your life stripping everything down to A is caused by B and C is hence part of D, but in truth everybody does what they thinks the best and we are still living in misery everyday) - let there be light
(MCQs and structured questions. My only wish is to have an A for this subject) - grueling and yet boring
(what have I learned this semester in German class? Only that the train station in Cologne is right beside the beautiful and mysterious Cologne Church, and Germans are really tall and good looking in an Asian way) - last examination of the semester

Cruising Checklist
- still lying in the drawer
Air ticket - sleeping uneasily in my file in between my most precious documents. My air ticket is, sometimes, my pillar of strength when I'm facing difficulties
Home - always there
A wedding dinner - couldn't recall the last time I had a Malaysian Chinese wedding dinner anymore
Friends - taking off one by one, but looking forward to seeing them, many perhaps for the last time in years to come
Chinese New Year - there be no words to describe this joyous rebirth - I've lived to see 2 Rat years now!

I know this is weird.


Hew Yaohua said...

no such word man...

or hematopoiesis?

ya~ air ticket is my support, especially this precious paper air ticket which is barely seen in the world now.

Btw, i had my seats drawn.

JYSim said...

how can have seats drawn?

Hew Yaohua said...


CresceNet said...
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ziyi said...

cannot see u dis chinese new year d la...

Anonymous said...


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